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Eyal Gever  Tel Aviv, Israel

'Large Scale Smoke'
10 Multi Layered Image, UV LED Inkjet prints on 3mm clear Acrulic
'Nuclear Bomb'
10 Multi Layered, UV LED Inkjet prints on 3mm clear Acrylic

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About Eyal

Eyal Gever is dedicated to leading the convergence of technology and art. Eyal has over 18 years experience implementing his ideas into 3D software technologies and server/web-based products, primarily in the area of interactive real time multimedia communication software as well as 3D creation and animation.

Having earned his reputation in the high-tech industry as a visionary, Eyal has received numerous awards for his innovation in multimedia design and technology. Eyal is frequently invited to speak at leading industry events, and has been featured many times in the press, including the cover of the Red Herring, articles in Wall Street Journal, Wired magazine, Newsweek, appearances on CNNfn and others.

Eyal explains his work by saying, “I create sculptures based on sublime moments. These are moments that fill a person with amazement, awe, terror, astonishment, and silence. They are also moments of pure beauty. My sculptures are created from software I have developed. I am influenced by the destructive impact within our environment. Uncontrollable power, unpredictability and cataclysmic extremes are the sources for my work. They inspire, fascinate and remind me of the constant fragility and beauty of human-life. Beauty can come from the strangest of places, in the most horrific events. My art addresses these notions of destruction and beauty, the collisions of opposites, fear and attraction, seduction and betrayal, from the most tender brutalities to the most devastating sensitivities. I oscillate between these opposites.”

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"A very eloquent description of his work. I look forward to seeing more."


"interesting.Should be a lot more possible with this idea.I can see why this only gives realistic results with things like smoke or explosions. However if applied to more abstract work this kind of multi-layering could give ingesting results."


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