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Steve Ellis  New York, NY

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The piece trains a distorted magnifying glass on mangled celebrity gossip tabloids. By distorting the glossy celebrities and text, a new ugly truth is unveiled. The broken heels and crashed cars beyond the surface are survival stories of a life-style ethic, dance floor sacrifices and therapy from a personal car crash experience.

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"Wow! im speechless!"

"Wow! I really love Steve Ellis paintings they are so realistic! I wish I could Paint like that, but the bad thing is, I don't paint! I only Draw like Horses, dogs, people, and sometimes objects, but hey, I tried. So all you people out there try to paint or draw! It will let your stress drain out of you! :)"

"These paintings are probably not meant to be viewed over computer screens. The lighter paintings are 2 feet by 5 feet in real life. The race cars and the knives are also large paintings. Presenting them as tiny images on computer screen has probably taken the life out of these paintings, and turned them into something like posters. On the choice of subjects, I can appreciate how the idea of realism is being "played" in these realism paintings. A realistic image of a fierce-looking shark that at second glance is a floatation device. A painting of a polaroid of a painting. A real picture frame that contains a painting of a TV with its screen area cut-out, so that, the painting itself is turned into a frame, and this painted TV frame is in turn used to frame a real TV screen... this multi-layering of realism-play is pretty cool.Historically, realism paintings have the role of immortalizing its subjects - the rich, the famous, the royal, the holy ones ...etc. Allowing this "priviledge" to be applied to subjects printed on disposable lighters makes a pretty neat statement."

"It reminds me a lot of Invisible Monsters by Chuck Palahniuk. This image and that book really compliment each other I think."

"It's well painted and nice colors, but it looks like a page torn out of a magazine and crumpled. I just wonder why bother. The car thing is also well painted but again, why bother. RSadler says they "entertain and inform. Come on"

"there is so much trash in the world already.. a painting of trash seems redundant and a bit sad."

"It reminds me of the 80s posters I had also, that is why I love it! I am nostalgic for that type of art, wish I still had my posters..."

"It's all a bit 1980s teen bedroom poster stuff."

"This is not art to me. It is neither beautiful nor making any statement. I look at it and see nothing but twisted ideals. Unless that is the intent of the artist, I suggest trying something new."

"This piece reminds me of an art project I did in college, only it's taken to another level with the addition of the trash mag."

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