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Yuriy Ibragimov  New York, NY

Oil on canvas
Oil on canvas

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About Yuriy

Yuriy Ibragimov’s layered images have a rare quality: they simultaneously capture both the complexity and the clarity of life. The wrought quality of Ibragimov’s encaustic and oil processes lends itself to a turbid visual experience and, from a distance, his images seem obscured and abstracted. In actuality, Ibragimov’s paintings intimately and delicately render specific moments. They evoke the distinct characteristics of an experience, whether capturing a woman’s look of surprise or the wind’s effect on a willowy tree. Because of the coexisting roughness and lucidity, Ibragimov’s paintings are movingly honest, embodying both the indecipherability and the transparency of daily experience.

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"good-very good. It gives me the impression of 'from the ground we came."

"love this work, just lovely...lovely"

"so beautiful..."

"Extraordinary ability to capture the expressions & moods of the female face. The rough technique is quite appealing. The abstract pieces are very detailed, colorful and interesting. I would love to spend some time viewing them and letting their colors & shapes take my imagination for a ride! TYJ"

"A portrait of Ophelia; drowned/dead"

"wow nice!"

"totally original, superbly creative, technically top-notch."


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