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George Underwood  Sussex, UK

'The Island of Dreams'
Oils on Linen
'Turn, turn, turn'
Oils on Linen

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About George

George Underwood was born in 1947. George joined Beckenham Art School in 1963. Initially he specialized in fantasy, horror and science fiction book covers. Later he would go on to create the art work for the first T Rex album and later David Bowie’s Hunky Dory and Ziggy Stardust album covers established him as a leading and creative art illustrator.

At the start of the 1970’s George Underwood started painting in oils. His paintings were influenced at first by the Viennese School of Fantastic Realism –artists which included Ernst Fuchs, Rudolph Hausner and Eric Brauer. George regarded them as contemporary visionaries like Bruegel and Bosch. He was fascinated by their imaginative visions.

Imagination is the key word in George’s paintings. He rarely uses live models nowadays, preferring to invent people who inhabit their own personal world.
George Underwood paintings are held in many private art collections.

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"Very cool work! "The Island of Dreams" reminds me very much of "Island of the Dead" by Bocklin, which has always captivated me."

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