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Kill Pixie  Los Angeles, CA

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About Kill

Developing his craft in the city, this former street artist has made an astounding transition to softer mediums. His delicate line work and masterful use of colour through ink, watercolour and acrylic communicate beautifully through his choice of canvas – mostly paper or resinated hand-made wooden boxes. His pattern work is unorthodox and abstract yet strikes a schizophrenic harmony with his longing and respect for space. Embedded with symbols and life experiences the work is often a suggestion what could have been. He presents a prophecy for an abstracted, urban version of folk art.

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"These are very interesting work, I wonder why there is so little comments from the readership?"

"Looking at these pictures is kind of like watching a foreign film. It speaks a language that I do not understand,and depicts a culture that seems quite alien. Yet, it does not really matter, as we all belong to the same humanity - no matter where we are from, we eat, we sh-t, we do things to each other, kill each other, cause each other pain. This seems to be what is going on in these pictures."

"very original, the more I look the more I like!"

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