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Edith Waddell  Los Angeles, CA

'Transcendental Carrousel'
'Brahma Bunny: The Creator'

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About Edith

Edith Waddell is an illustrator, dancer and nature lover who was born in Peru. Her artwork is the result of an experimental process that combines acrylic painting, linocut printing, cyanotype printing, and Photoshop digital art printed on paper or canvas. By exploring different art media and embracing chance in her process, Edith has been able to give herself more creative freedom, and the end result is a dark, whimsical, and surreal style.

Edith explains her work by saying, “My artwork is a reflection of my recurrent apocalyptic dreams and my personal relationship with the natural world. The dream world offers me a symbolic language that allows me to understand my own human nature in relationship with the world outside. As an artist, I am very inclined to investigate subjects such as metaphysics, the human psyche and dream symbolization to inspire the concept of my work. Starting from this conceptual material allows me to visualize fantastic, whimsical and occasionally macabre imagery. The main prototype I use is the hybrid animal/human creature, to represent such human dilemmas as overpopulation, genetic experimentation, narcissism, hedonism, or pollution. My goal in this is to force viewers to confront the dark and mysterious aspects of human psyche, our internal emotional conflicts and our relationship with the natural environment. My work is an invitation to an introspective examination and reflection upon our existence beyond the physical world.”

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"Brilliant work Edith! You are a master of your process!"

"Whimsical and fun. It reminds me of Alice in Wonderland."

"I adore your work - thank you for sharing your talent with us."

"Wow, nice!"

"ermahgerd. amazing"

"very colorful. and cool"


"Linda, too me they are more like the pieces by Grace Slick. Wait- better than them."

"Wonderful pictures, thank you for showing them. They remind me of Dali."

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