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Chris Musina  Raleigh, NC

'Tiger head, in a box'
Oil on canvas
Oil on canvas

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About Chris

Chris Musina is a Canadian born artist who earned a BFA from the University of South Florida and an MFA from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill.

Chris describes his work by saying, “Drawing from a deep phylogeny of cultural cues, I reference historical painters, contemporary animal culture, philosophy, hunting, kitsch, museum dioramas, and the like, in an exploration of humanity’s represented relationship to the animal world. Manifested in life size compositions full of dark humor and bright color my work is loaded with allusions to specific paintings, places, events, and theories. I am addressing the animal not as symbolist metaphoric object, but as subject, yet a subject aware of its own powerful symbolic nature; painting represents the bulk of my practice precisely due to this reason and its effects. In allusion it’s own representedness, I break the image with bold color, “unfinished” or applied to the surface elements, inspired by the descriptors of scientific illustration or the ornate decoration of religious imagery. These paintings are populated with animal protagonists who stare back at the viewer in an uneasy gaze; aware of that place in our cultural history– asking for compassion, mercy, or simply to be put out of their misery.”

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10 of 13 reactions displayed

"this is so awesome love it"

"no please"

"Yes, it could be a real dead tiger head"

"thats a butiful painting"

"The tiger in the box looked interesting! Wanted to see more... Do not like the work overall with the exception of one painting from the website, "it's Hard to Paint the One's You Know." Many people seem to have the same difficulty. I guess it's similar to not being able to do things that are usually so simple & easy when we are aware of the fact that we are being watched by others. Then we choke. Nice detail on the pillow..."

"what kitten is thinking"

"Just visited your website.Aren't you Hanibal Lectors nephew?"

"Perhaps we never simply know what we are dealing with. We believe we can control the tiger, yet he is much larger than the box that we believe can hold him. There is much more to the animal than our perception, than our created hierarchy, indicates.Be careful."



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