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Johnny Hoglund  London, UK

'Yawn III'
Acrylic, masking tape, varnish on canvas
'Yawn IV'
Acrylic, masking tape, varnish on canvas

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About Johnny

Johnny Hoglund was born in Uppakra, Sweden and is currently living and working in London, UK. He is a graduate of Goldsmiths University of London with a B.A. in fine art.

Johnny describes his work by saying, “It’s in the landscape of the human face, in which I follow the geometrical patterns. I see the directions and angles that create form. I strive for an understanding of these formal features, achieved through the gesture of mark making, by adding and subtracting paint on canvas. I’m not attempting to make a portrayal in a traditional sense, but also not just an empty facade. I’m searching for an emotional response attained by working towards a balance which is disrupted by moving around whole sections of the image. A rupture in the image, which creates a tension between the tangible and the obscure, but also leaves a presence of a personality within the image.”

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"This is very impressive, Johnny! It is like you can feel the yawn. Good luck!"

"A different painting of a new style. Masterly!!"


"wow, what a wonderful art"

"I think it's incredible. Stunning. I'd hang them."


"This took me back to the 70's and keeping myself busy with darkroom experiments while waiting for an available enlarger. I used to enjoy slicing my 8 x 10 photographs into strips and sliding the alignment to create unusual images. Sometimes just assembling discarded test strips, from unrelated subjects, into interesting combinations. I think the scale of Mr. Hoglund's work is fantastic! The technique is very good. The subjects are not appealing to me at all, but this seems to be the imagery that gets the juices flowing these days. The subjects seem to be viewing a crime scene or maybe they just got whacked in the foot with a hammer. Monochromes are wonderful. Duotones are also wonderful. So is a smiling face! "Bubbly is better than Troubly!""

"i dont get it"


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