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David King  San Francisco, CA

'Ven #1'
Hand cut book remnants
'Concentric #2'
Hand cut book remnants

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About David

David King makes mosaic–like collages constructed with hundreds of tiny rings which he hand cuts out of old art history and nature books.

David’s work explores his profound interest in the metaphysical – the underlying or fundamental interconnectedness of things. In his abstract work, it is difficult to determine if the forms are to be read as microcosmic or macrocosmic; are we looking at a cell cluster or a planetary body? His narrative pieces are created to be visually beautiful, intellectually stimulating, and sometimes humorous. All of his collages are constructed in the traditional, cut-and-paste method and have an obsessive attention to detail.

King’s work has been shown in Europe and across the U.S., including venues such as Artist’s Space in New York, The Soap Factory in Minneapolis and Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, and The Lab in San Francisco. King was recently an artist-in-residence at the San Francisco Dump, and he is also the recipient of an artist’s grant from the Pollock-Krasner Foundation.

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7 reactions displayed

"A shear serenity prevails on my eyes. Oum."

"Certainly pleasing to look at."

"very creative"

"Both these images look like water colors, not collages out of book remnants. I liked that surprise. The balance and symmetry made me pause and refresh."

"Ven # 1 really caught my attention. Just loved this piece without having any idea about the subject or the medium. These works are terrific! After reading the description and visiting Mr. King's website, I am a fan. There is immagination, whimsy, color and attention to detail... all essential elements of an artistic and creative mind."



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