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'La noche estrellada'
Oil on Canvas
Oil on Canvas

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About Omar

Omar Ortiz was born in 1977 in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico where he still lives. Since he was a boy he has been interested in drawing and illustration. He studied for a degree in Graphic Design, where he learned different techniques such as hand drawing, pastels, charcoal, water colors, acrylics and airbrushing.

When he finished college he decided to make a living from painting. In 2002 he attended his first oil paint classes with the artist Carmen Alarcón, who he considers his main teacher. Omar Ortiz currently works with oil painting because he considers it the noblest technique.

His work is characterized as minimalistic – hyperrealism where the human body is predominate with texture-filled backgrounds and a magical use of fabric.

Omar describes his work by saying, “Since I started painting I have always tried to represent things as real as I can. Sometimes I succeed and some others I don´t but it´s a fact that it is very difficult for me to do otherwise. I enjoy the challenge of reproducing skin tones and it´s nuances under natural light, particularly in bright conditions. I like simplicity in my pieces since I believe that excesses make us more poor rather than rich.”

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"Hi my sister Cathy Pitts (artist) displayed near your canvases in Taiwan and turned me into your Art.I will be in Mexico City May 1-15 and I am curious if you are represented their. If you are in that area during those dates I would love to meet with you or at least see a gallery that represent you. Best regards, Richard Singer"

"Hi Mr. OrtizYour painting are beyond perfection!!Sir, what type of underpainting do you use for your work?GrissaileVerderccioBistre.?Will be looking forward to hear from you..Rwgards"

"your work is incredible, do you hold online courses? is there any way that you can visit Palestine in the future? it would be awesome :)"

"Hi Omar,I have admired your work from afar (Australia) for a long time. I’ve been painting as a hobby for 10 years under the tutorial of Joseph Attard. I would like to extend my knowledge by spending time at one of your classes. Have you ever considered visiting Australia ? Maybe I could assist in arranging something? Otherwise a visit to your part of the world. Looking forward to hearing from you.Best regards,Brendon."

"How much would a 24x36" painting of a photograph be?"

"At last a true artist . Art that takes your breath away and mesmerises you. Fabulous"

"Hola vivo en Naples Florida USAQuiero preguntarte algo Si te envió mi fotografía podrías pínteme y cuánto sería el precio por hacerlo Te he admirado siempre. Desde que por primera vez vi tus obras Tengo varias pinturas en casa y me encantaría tener una tuyaPueda ser que pueda cubrir tu precio ers genial Dios te bendiga Contéstame el correo electrónico. Por favor Gracias I greatly appreciate you concern about this mater Thanks"

"Este señor Es un Genio ,me encantaria comunicarme con el para comprar alguna pintura ."

"this is nature as it appears!"

"there's so much truth in the beauty. pleasure and grace abound."

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