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Yosuke Ueno  Yamaguchi, Japan

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About Yosuke

The most important thing when I paint is to be very careful. It is a consciousness in which I can’t anticipate what kind of work will result. I hope to challenge in paint what I couldn’t handle with my mind. An adventurer makes his way without fully knowing what lies ahead. A chemist never succeeds without experimentation. When I am working, I get to the point where I can’t even imagine the outcome, and then suddenly see a brand-new, beautiful path.

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"that's very unique ilove it!!!!!"

"if art makes you feel good or if it scares you. Than the artist has achived what he or she set out to do.Those feelings that everyone both positive and negative. Should look at these pieces. and say it moves me. Whether positvely. Or negatively. It is the soul that creates the inner being who shows you in picture form. Of note. "to the person who said it made him eery" Look away or learn why you respone.Which is what it is all about.Keep your eyes and heart open. every one is different.Each has an inner,be it a writer,politician,abrstact nudes.Stay alive.sorry for this have to start some where.-no?"

"mean this is soo cool aye"

"Fist one- NEAT! second one- down right creepy!! The first one has all these interesting elements, like the swan with the innocence of a small child, but the budding grace of a young swan, the little blue and pink people that look like they are straight out of a game of LIFE, and they gentle yet ominous clouds. But the second one lacks all this, like the artist kind of gave up and didn't bother to put a nose on the poor creepy child. What disparate images from the same artist."

"LOVE BOTH photos is all i gotta say"

"beautiful execution; huge subject matter of eyes upsetting."


"It is very difficult for an artist to put himself out there in the world .. this artist is brave because he listens to his OWN voice. What a great use of color and I like the swan the best!"


"I love your work. The colors are beautiful and it is very dreamy"

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