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Kevin T. Kelly  Cincinnati, OH

'Dear John'
'Alpha Mike Foxtrot'

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About Kevin T.

Kelly’s work is decidedly “Neo-Pop” or “Post-Pop”. Infused with a postmodern sensibility, contemporaneous subject matter, and executed in what the artist refers to as a “hyper-chromatic” palette, the paintings are not only redolent of contemporary issues and politics, but excel as studies in formal definition, composition and color. Allowing for open-ended lines of query and interpretation without the burdensome weight of didactic pretense, Kelly chooses to establish a dialogue with the viewer vis-a-vis the painted image rather than wag his finger sanctimoniously from an ivory tower like so much “Activist Art” does today. The work has been described as: “Roy Lichtenstein meets Dennis Hopper on Steroids.” It’s a wry, complex admixture of sardonic social commentary, the six o’clock news and the Sunday funnies.

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Where can I buy his works or have kevin paint on commission

Greetings Kevin !
I recently purchased a smaller version of " Tail Gunner".
Is there any information which you might be able to share with me on this particular piece ? Any thoughts are much appreciated.
Thank You,

Would Kevin T. Kelly produced wildlife art in 1981 in the Cincinnati area.
I have a piece with two cub bears on a log.

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