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Lilly Piri  Heidelberg, Germany

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About Lilly

Lilly Piri was born on the east coast of Australia in 1985 and lived their her entire life until recently moving to Germany to be with her new husband and fellow artist Heiko Windisch this past fall ’07.

Piri studied with the Arts Academy in Brisbane. Piri draws and paints with acrylics, oils and watercolor, but her favorite and most employed medium is color pencil. Her work has been published in DPI, Black + White, Empty, Frankie, Hotpress, Marmalade, Voiceworks, Harper’s Bazaar, Semi-Permanent books, Curvy books, Faest and Ruby Mag and her list of illustration clients include the Yes Men and Saatchi & Saatchi.

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i like the lower one the best

Ah, reality....peaceful, serene, restful. I will have pleasant dreams tonight!

Lily's work is whimsical and unique. She's one of my favorites.

The Visual Philosopher:
I don't think that an artist who has been to art school and is featured in an impressive number of quality publications needs any "constructive criticism."
I do agree that the website has some much better work (more stimualting, really) on it than these two peices.
Check it out! :)

Strange and simplistic. What is the significance of the fungus?

These are alright. Folkart-sy, I think. Some of the work on your website are much more interesting, in both composition and subjects explored. Also, I found the portraiture much more convincing on some of works I saw on your website.

Some constructive criticism:

The use of faded color gives me an eary feeling of a childhood I would rather not remember. It brings back the scent of macaroni and cheese at my old babysitters and the feeling of boredom with nothing but a box of half broken crayons to bide my time. I feel it would be more striking and less bland if maybe there were a focal point, at this stage the images look unfinished, I am not sure what I should be focusing my attention on to grasp the concepts at hand. I feel if maybe you built up an area with more bold color the images would be more successful. However, I have submitted 3 times to this website and still have not had my work published so maybe I should be criticizing myself! I feel with a little extra push, you could have something grand here that not only brings back the smells of my boring childhood but strikes my visual palette. I think you have something here lilly just a little extra would set me off!

what is it

Style, simplicity, and message make this a uniquely moving rendition.


Nice clear simple! I like it!

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