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Lee Stewart  Charlotte, NC

'Colossal collage'

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About Lee

Lee Stewart is a self-taught artist whose paintings have hung in art museums, galleries and private collections. Only now, he brings his eye for visual composition, color, texture and dramatic lighting to photographic images that reflect a distinctive painterly expression. And yet, he does not consider himself to be a photographer per se.

From urban decay to rural rust, Stewart roams these areas looking for “God’s light” illuminating the accidental assemblages of color, texture and shapes he takes for his images. The end result is stunning and unique visuals, digitally printed in vibrant inks on premium archival paper.

Lee explains his work by saying, “More precisely, I’m an artist using a camera to capture the ‘paintings’ I see through the viewfinder. In Japanese aesthetics, the highest degree of beauty is that which is found where it is least expected… beauty that must be discerned from the obvious by the sensitive eye. This vision defines my artistic endeavors with a camera and what I seek to reveal to others through my work.”

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'North Carolina'


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"cute but not really eye-catching"

"This is very pretty and very beutiful"

"intriguing work; very nice"

"Lee's work is amazingly insightful. His uncommon use of color and arrangement of form is a delight. Easy to admire.You understand his expression of beauty and admiration of Gods creation."

"Good job!"

"so pretty"

"I absolutely love the work here and on his own website. I wholeheartedly agree with the philosophy of the artist's statement. This a very painterly eye applied to photography by a person having the sensitivity to find beauty where it is, i.e. hiding in plain sight."

"Elemental, stark, and beautiful image."

"Its something ive never see before good job :)"

"Finally something beautiful after months of the female form in ethereal poses"

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