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Michael Page  San Francisco, CA

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About Michael

Michael has shown throughout California and Europe, and currently resides in San Francisco. With his new paintings common themes kept emerging. An awareness impossible to ignore seemed to sprout in every conversation with Michael’s friends, family, and in his community. This thread of insight sewn through his every interaction needed to be expressed. So he started there.

Reflecting on his work, Michael found greed, hate and war, and their anecdote, love, running deep through each piece. Environmental neglect and its devastating effects reside in many of the paintings. And, subtle or not, there is also expressed discontent with the state of our political system and those that wield their power so callously.

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"brilliant !!"

"i really like how he applied elements and principles of design,its stunning and fantastic.Bravo!!!!!!!"

"Mr. Page, your work is wonderful! Exciting colors and shapes lends itself toward movement that makes me feel softness, strange, yet free.Stay inspired my brother its very unique. Keep Art in our Hearts..."

"i luv the colour combination looks like a photography................"

"i love very thing it is real nice"

"ilike the lower painting best i'd buy it if it was on sale"

"Excellent color, detail. Great imagination but, you lost me. I'll stick to milking cows and slopin the hoggs, I admire anyone who would get paid for doing this."

"Psychoanalytically , I sense a self in conflict with itself. The artist's statement is an attempt to hide that by placing the conflict between self and world. I could be wrong because it is just an intuition and disagrees with the other comments."

"I think the way he does the skies is pretty cool."

"love love love your work. its just all brilliant. thank you for painting and thank you for sharing!"

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