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Dan Webb  Seattle, WA

'Cut Flamed Spalted'
Carved Maple
Carved Maple

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About Dan

Dan Webb is an artist living in Seattle, WA who earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, Magna Cum Laude, from the Cornish College of the Arts.

Dan explains his work by saying, “What I try to do as an artist is to simply make the stuff I would most like to see. That means getting out of the way of what a lot of other people are doing, because by default, if they were already making what I wanted to see, then I wouldn’t have to. If you see what I mean. That sounds simple enough. But the reality is that choosing a less trodden path means bumping into some mathematical reality: there are an incredible amount of artists making an incredible amount of stuff. The statistical likelihood of doing something without a whole lot of precedent just doesn’t seem probable. And really, by making carvings like I do, I’m very consciously acquiescing to that fact. I’m doing something that has more historical precedent than any other human artistic activity- probably by a longshot. That alone would seem to contradict the whole idea of getting out of the way of most other artists. But the crazy irony is that carving puts me on the opposite pole of almost everything else in contemporary art. I’m an outlier in the wilderness. That’s because, incredibly, most artists have signed on to just a few starting points for their work that are nearly universal, and these starting points are either undermined or rejected by carving.”

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"I am a student at the University of Washington. I am in my Third year and am enrolled in two of Elizabeth Conner's courses. I have also taken instruction under Danella Sydow. I have enjoyed your amazing creations for over three years and it is a tradition to visit shroud at the SAM museum. The first time I saw this piece I was so awestruck I had not realized my class had left 30 minutes before.. Elizabeth Conner assigned us an assignment of interviewing a living artist an there was no one else that came to mind but your work. It would be a complete honor to be able to interview you for my class. I believe everyone should experience DAN WEBB. Many thanks for letting the world have your presence.Totally inspired-Theresa Carr"

"feel so lucky to have access to your works here in seattle, Dan - noticed piece's I'd not seen before First Thursday at the Greg Kucera... loved your dandelion works a couple summers back - always such a treat."

"omg is that a arm"


"nice art"


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