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Daniel Stepanek  Slough, UK

Oil and Acrylic on MDF

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About Daniel

Daniel Stepanek is a self taught artist living in Slough, Berkshire, United Kingdom.

Daniel explains his work by saying, “Art has always been something I create and enjoy, driven by a natural inclination to express myself and also through encouragement from friends and family. I studied Illustration at HND level but changed courses to Graphic Design, I knew I could draw but didn’t really know what to do with it. In the past 10 years I was drawn towards fine art and only in the past 5 have I found direction. Learning techniques, actually finishing ideas and forcing myself to find a style only highlights the frustration I have with it, you could say the style chose me. Some of my main influences have been artists like Antony Micallef, Basquiat, Johan Van Mullem, Cesare Lucchini and Melissa Cooke. A painting doesn’t have to have some long discombobulated meaning to it, to me it’s about pure expression. Right now I am trying to ‘not try’ and let my experience do the work.”

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"Anything with nude guys(tastefully done) I like a lot."

"That's beautiful! :>"

"i love all of his works... but the greatest is this one!"

"where r his clothes?"


"Those are some great paintings."

"The painting is magnificent. Is it a self-portrait. I thoroughly enjoyed the time lapse video. Judy"


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