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Joe DeCamillis  Hopkins, MN

Miniature Oil Paintings on Copper Inset into Altered Book
Miniature Oil Paintings on Copper Inset into Altered Book

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About Joe

Joe DeCamillis—artist, poet, writer—has created book inspired art since 2003. He studied creative writing at UCLA in the 1980’s before discovering a gift for telling stories with paint & brush. His work has landed in many important private & corporate collections and garnered over 70 awards at premier art fairs including 23 Best of Show and 20 Best of Media.

During 20 years as a visual artist, his subject matter and style has changed slowly but dramatically–from loose bright paintings on board to dramatic scenes of everyday America painted like Dutch Masters on copper and steel. He pushed the extremes of scale until 2002 when he painted smaller than postage stamp size.

As a painter of miniatures on copper, Joe found old books to be a perfect companion to further narrate and contain his exquisite illuminated images. In 2002, he pushed the extremes of scale creating paintings smaller than postage stamps that retained the precise detail that has become his trademark. A more dramatic shift began, when he carved niches from old books to emphasize the storytelling nature of the work. The books altered through various means, serve as more than just frames for the paintings. Rather they are dimensional art objects which encourage a dialogue to unfold between the collaged elements of text, oil painted imagery and personal writings.

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"This artist deserves all the awards he has received. When I first saw his piece on Google I immediately thought, OMG, who is this? I also haven't seen anything this exciting, stimulating and awe inspiring in years... or ever!Beautiful, beautiful work!"

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