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Jacob van Loon  Chicago, IL

Water-based media on birch panel
'Madison & Kohlhase'
Water-based media on birch panel

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About Jacob van

Jacob van Loon is an artist based in Chicago, IL.

He explains his work by saying, “Observing how closely people curate their own histories with the advent of social networking, My work is influenced the inherent self-awareness people have historically maintained. I am inspired by the impact of our collective, cautious approach to impression by what we choose to show, and what we try to hide.”

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"I'm sure artists hate to hear this - but they are just perfect for my living room wall! I wish I had the money..."


"Interesting "perspective" on a cityscape transparent to most yet observed by the dominant titans at the outskirts..."

"Looks so cool"

"such great colors"

"I think it's amazing. I'd love to see how you do your work."


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