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Kathleen Lolley  Louisville, KY

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About Kathleen

Kathleen Lolley moved to Kentucky nine months after her birth. She spent her childhood split between Louisville, KY and Pittsburgh, PA. Storytelling plays a prominent role in her work. Critters try to break the spell of day to day heartbreak.Giant elk stumble over towns clasping bottles, is it a remedy they hold or just a beer” Kathleen’s artwork explores themes of nature , fantasy & personal history. She currently resides in Louisville where she spends her time making crafts, comics and fine art.

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"Just learned about this awesome site! For music fans out there, Kathleen has done work with Louisville band My Morning Jacket, most prominently on their 2005 album, Z. Check it out!"

"I love it!"

"Interesting and beautiful."

"I think that your work is off the hook!I love to draw and I think it is so muchfun! If you send me you address I willsend you some of my work.Give me your home address! Please,I would love to befamous!"

"Awesome,terrific,extraordinary,and all the other words i cant spellthat mean that you did a great job on those paintings!!! :)"

"carroll cloar, dorothy sturm, paul klee, marc chagall.check 'em out."

"This is well done. Nicely conceived but similar to everyone I have seen on Artists a day. It's sort of like the same person is doing everyone of them."

"Unusual work. I'd like to take a nap on an ow's belly! Thanks for sharing."

"I like it, very interesting and intriging."

"you have a very good sense of color and light."

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