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Adam Stennett  Brooklyn, NY

Oil on wood
'Girl in Red Bikini with Tussin'
Oil on wood

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About Adam

Adam Stennett was born in Kotzebue, Alaska in 1972 and grew up in Oregon. He received his Bachelor of Art in English and Studio Art at Willamette University in 1994 and moved to Brooklyn to pursue painting. Stennett’s work has been exhibited at the Chelsea Art Museum and The National Arts Club in New York, Irvine Contemporary in Washington D.C., Centro de la Imagen in Mexico City, Central House of Artists in Moscow, Scope in London and 21C Museum Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky.

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"Who cares if he's "condeming or condoning"? What a thoughtless comment."

"Techinically his work is excellent, however, it's difficult to tell if he is condoning or condeming."


"simply amazing. great work."

"Don't drink and swim refers to the use of swimming under the effects of DXM. DXM, a main component in Tussin DM, is a mild dissociative and a commonly used recreational drug.The second piece features morning glory seeds, one of a few kinds of seeds commonly consumed for the effects of LSA - a similar compound to LSD. Both substances can be obtained legally."

"Obviously an excellent painter. Looks like a photo, or copied from one tracing the image. Am I right or wrong? The painting itself is a study in ultra realism. Big in the eightys. From this painters age he was influenced during that time. Some will hate it some will like it. Art is broader than that some will say, but you cant take away the fact it is well done."

"The paintings of Adam Stennet are nearly empty. Only a few objects in a studio setting. He does many paintings on a single theme. The rat paintings (my favorite), cough syrup, hand grenades, a short series of nudes in bath tubs, then a cautionary series on cheap highs. Large paintings on wood with minimal subjects just increase their isolation. l liked the rat series best. There seemed to be a relationship of this painter and rat, as he put the rat through its tricks. Adam only breaks out of his usual grey and black pallet when he paints nude women.I can't summarize because there is so little here but executed beautifully and competently."

"A wonderful piece, so dam*ed refreshing after days of shlock on this website.Sensitive, knowing, & resonates for hours."

"Wonderful ideas, great works!"

"LSA and DXM? Is that what this is supposed to be about?"

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