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Allison Sommers  Charlottesville, VA

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About Allison

Allison Sommers is a visual artist working and living in Charlottesville, Virginia. Working mostly in gouache, she creates complicated and intricate worlds with a sharp wit and a penchant for nonsensical combinations. She graduated from the University of Virginia with a BA in History.

Allison explains her work by saying, “I practice art in the way a tinkerer, or a philosopher-alchemist, approaches his workshop: all avenues are considered, objects and drawings continually evolve, and, most importantly, there is constant motion, fingers are always fiddling, marks are always being made. For me, art is a verb. I am an inveterate magpie: images, histories, phrases, shiny bits, trash, old papers, hair trimmings, rusty things, bones, and dust all find their way into my studio to be considered, mulled about, chewed upon, and channeled into new work.”

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"What a fantastic world. Thank you for creating it."

"Alison Sommers is not a "biter" as charged by the anonymous "geoff". ??I try to bridge between cute, approachable cuddly and creepy/scary,? Fish says. ??I try to find the middle ground. Some people think,??It??s a giant skull!?? and others say, ??That bunny is so cute!?? They play off of each other.? Jeremy Fish by the way is a great tip of an artist. Talented and successful. But the charge of copying is false. Fish's trip is skulls and bunnies. Alison's is not. The cute and macabre juxtaposition has some credence but that then is a charge that Jeremy Fish would have to said to be a biter. There's a lot of cute right now in art, I believe it comes from Jeff Koons. The dark has always been around. And we might as well forget the signatures because they're anonymous."

"You have an eye for details. The work will not end up in museum but will be great children's book- the twisted ones."

"i love Allison Sommers' work"

"I think your art is funny, Its so great ... Ive been staring for and hour. i set it as my background. Ive been to the website and am stalking you. have a great day"


"One of the Best pieces here!!!"

"I really like the way this artist took something inocent in concept, and made it dark."

"I dig it."

"i like this vry much>"

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