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David Nakabayashi  High Rolls, NM

'Presentiment - Float'
Oil & acrylic on canvas
'Presentiment - Stratosphere'
Oil & acrylic on canvas

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About David

David Nakabayashi is an artist living and working in the mountains of southern New Mexico.

David explains his latest series, “Presentiment” by saying, “I move through time and space as a visitor. I linger. I observe. I never stay. I stumble upon situations and strangers: innocent or not so innocent, perhaps dangerous, mostly benign, and from all walks of life. Each unique encounter starts with a mysterious feeling that something is about to happen. The impact of such interactions on my life can be metaphysical, but is mostly insignificant. Yet, I still suspect that every group of people I encounter is on the verge of insurrection and I am addicted to that feeling. I want even the smallest gesture, glance or quiet observation to contain a truth that changes history. The moment I stop moving life resumes its state of predictable melancholy. And so I wait until I can escape once again into uncertainty.”

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I think these paintings are fantastic. The wonder and dread are palpable.

Hes doing a saute in second position with beautiful ballon

I really don't get a "mysterious feeling that something is about to happen" and I think that, unless one is experiencing some degree of paranoia, the situations depicted are predominantly "benign" and "insignificant", more evoking than not a reaction of "so what" on the part of the viewer.

can you say "self indulgent"?


I really love this concept and the art, the effect and the feeling is fantastic.

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