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Meghan Howland  Philadelphia, PA

Oil on canvas
Oil on board

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About Meghan

Meghan was born in Haverhill, Massechusettes in 1985. Her paintings are often dreamlike, and yet carry a weight of something that is slightly more dissonant. The question of whether something is safe or dangerous, loving or hateful, is often unexplained in her work. While conveying a situation or mood that is slightly ambiguous, this makes it up to the viewer to resolve what is happening, creating an unending range of emotions and possibilities.

Recommended by our guest curators

Matt Wyatt

Founder/President of Rochester MFA

"The only thing bigger than Meghan’s talent is her heart. I’ve exhibited her work at the museum and had the pleasure of studying with her while furthering our education. She’s easily one of the kindest and most talented people I’ve ever met. Meghan deserves every accolade for what she does. Her paintings are like dreamscapes.. although the mood is often ambiguous, but there is clearly an emotional nature to them that draws the viewer in and keeps them there. You want to know what she’s thinking and feeling in every piece."

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