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Jess & Keegan  Oklahoma City, OK

'The tea migration'
Mixed media on mounted 200lb. hot press cotton rag paper
'The myth of power'
Mixed-media on stretched canvas

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About Jess & Keegan

Jess and Keegan are a collaborative based in Oklahoma City, OK.

They explain their work by saying, “Although we are American-born artists, we like to think of ourselves as location-free travelers of the world. Since we met back in 2004, the artwork we produce draws directly from our shared traveling experiences. We are the product of our own imaginations. Living and working in as many places as we can to help feed that part of us which must keep growing. Since the beginning, we have enjoyed new customs, ideas, places, and people. Each of these experiences dramatically alters our concepts of art, seeing, living, and dying. It’s this constant stream of new things that brings understanding and familiarity to our minds. Through our travels, we are challenged to constantly change and question our daily activities. Doing something is our way of recording and understanding our lives. Each piece we produce chronicles a period of time that we faced and makes real what would have otherwise remained intangible. We write out the stories behind each of our pieces so that others may associate with our imagery and experience our translation of the world.”

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"Thanks, commenters. We do what we must. Life is a crazy thing without manual or guides - you just keep going until it all comes together."

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"Great use of mixed media."


"this piece creates intrigue"

"whoa.. awesomeness! it's intriguing too. that looks really complex to do \w such a crowding of living things. I felt just a tinge of claustrophobia heh, but no, I love the way you kept such consistent quality through-out. May The Force Stay With You!"


"Great stuff!"

"love the style!"


"this is simple with a lot going on"

"I love this."

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