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Mark Reep  Ithaca, NY

'Morning Prayer'
Charcoal & Graphite drawing
'Rendezvous Point'
Charcoal & Graphite drawing

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About Mark

Mark Reep is an artist and writer whose work has appeared or is forthcoming in American Art Collector, Bluecanvas, Endicott Journal, Metazen, Drawing Magazine, Word Riot, and many other publications.

He explains his work by saying, “I don’t plan much; I try everything in-drawing. What works best stays, but traces of abandoned directions and attempts (often, many) remain layered in there too, and contribute to the drawings’ depth.”

A self-educated artist, Mark has exhibited regularly for seventeen years.

Mark appears in the following Top 10 lists

'New York'

'Penciled In'



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Mark Reep
2013-03-04 @ 5:49 PM
Thanks guys, much appreciated!

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It does it for me, exquisite!

Like a modern impressionists

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