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Daniel Mullen  Amsterdam, The Netherlands

'The Architect'
Oil gesso on raw canvas
Oil on raw canvas

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About Daniel

Daniel Mullen was born in Glasgow and now lives and works in Amsterdam. He earned a BFA from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam.

Daniel explains his work by saying, “Within my works, I am looking for a specific composition. The composition is the point where the essence of the structure can be determined, the point where everything comes together and from where everything departs. This can often lead to largely abstract paintings with little or no reference to scale. The relationship of the viewer to the canvas is undefined or even infinite, because the scale is open to interpretation by the absence of a figure, window, door, or even a light switch.

In my more recent work, I am exploring the relationship between object and space and space within object, micro and macro the inseparability of both, the container and the emptiness. I strive to develop the pictorial language to better define my subject so that the core can bear fruit, I strive to challenge myself through further study and constant redefinition of what I do. Nothing is certain, and certainty is a dangerous thing, although it is not possible to step twice into the same river.”

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"This is a very appealing piece"


"totally cool"


"Wow! As close to 3D as you can get. The colors create a nice illusion."


"I wonder if Mr. Mullen sleeps and showers with a straight edge... and what's with the industrial fabric textured background? It's like looking at office cubicles on acid."

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