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MRtoll  New York, NY


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About MRtoll

{i}use{De}hole+city”of”new+york{as}my >bookof”poems”{2*b}READ_by_DA =greater+masses!!!
*symbolism{&}word+play=forming “modern*poetry”!!!.
:poetry”has”use”images{b4but:never *has”poetry^{b=cum}DA=visaul-image”it+self”””

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"best anything I've seen in a long time. huge kudos."

"this is corny."

"Mr. Sadler I don't think I've ever agreed with you before, we both found 5 stars in this artist. The sky is fullov'em but we can't (yet) go there, havgotta stop at fiVe."

"I retract my previous statement not that that is a statement it is a no comment.I give MrToll five stars.Art=communicated Truth and/or Beauty."

"I love the art!"

" sincerestformofflatterry. I DID the kiddie letters w/ magnets on a metal plate. I had a modified Mickey Mouse and I had one of those in my piece. So you have to remove yours because my brain has unique thoughts. intellectual property| i need money. really. poor. in summation I think I will eat a pear while you remove that magnet with letters from all artwork and photos of said artwork. Mine said different. make a difference? Communication is the bottom line in art. Beauty is for ring wearers."

"U gut[bowels] it! Poetry is not nearly dead & you have the art to speak it visually for those who don't realize it.Back atcha: Fall's red leaves on the remaining green seem as blood on battlefields of old.It'z in da message people."

"yea i know!!!!!!!!!"

"GoobleyGook !!"

"for me personally, this is a total joke. wow."

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