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Lindsey Carr  Glasgow, Scotland

'Generation of vipers'
Oil on wood
'Lotus eater'
Acrylic ink and gold leaf on watercolor paper

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About Lindsey

Lindsey Carr’s paintings evoke the specter of Audubon if he had spent time in a Chinese opium den. Beyond mere whimsy however, her work also contemplated the destruction of wildlife and animals place in a human dominated world.

Lindsey describes her work by saying, “my work is largely influenced by 18th C European and Chinese Natural History Paintings. All of the work is created to resemble relics of a bygone age with a hint of surrealism.”.

Recommended by our guest curators

Neil Perry

Portland, OR artist

"I’ve been following Lindsey’s work for such a long time and it really appeals to my particular aesthetic tastes. I am a huge admirer of traditional naturalist illustration and when an artist can really nail the contemporary translation of this style it makes me so happy. I am aware than Lindsey is undergoing something of a stylistic evolution which I am thrilled and excited to see come to fruition."

Michael Shapcott

Plainville, CT artist

"When I first saw Lindsey's work, I got really excited about what she was doing, which is very much reviving and re-imagining the golden age of natural history illustration. With paintings that resemble relics or pages from an old and treasured book, Lindsey invents and documents her plants and animals in a beautifully thoughtful and courageously imaginative way. The focus and dedication she has for honing and improving her craft is inspirational and I so enjoy viewing her continuing work."


Amsterdam, The Netherlands artist

"Her work is so delicate yet so strong. Her work has aesthetic and every piece has a deep and unique story. Its like a bouquet with diverse elements and theme’s. Human meets nature. I find the combination of themes grabbing, it hightens the curiousity. The antique feeling with elements of beauty and decay, is both beautyfull and touching. The use of goldleaf in some of her paintings gives it on top of everything else something majestic. The time, love and study’s that went into creating a piece, its felt throughout and just oozes from the images. The use of warmth and rich tones gives her images that extra heartbeat."

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'Snake Charming'


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