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Michael Salter  Eugene, OR

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About Michael

Every city and town has a street, never downtown, lined with strip malls, fast food, and discount stores. Here, I am inspired. It is the most prolific evidence of our current culture. As an obsessive observer I am fascinated, repulsed and hypnotized by the tidal wave of imagery that our visual culture crashes down upon us everyday. I challenge this onslaught and examine it. I want to sort out the cacophony of visual noise and rethink meaning, motive, perception and narrative. In the middle of this infinitely chaotic flow of information, I have a nagging desire, the desire for truth and beauty. Images, moments, situations, spaces, and environments can be so coldly anonymous and at the same time so loaded with meaning. The closer I look the stranger it all becomes. Nothing is as it seems. In a world where mind numbing volumes of stimuli assault my consciousness and elevate my anxiety, I seek peace and clarity. My work is an attempt to slow down, sort out, and focus information. The seemingly simple, runs away from me so fast, and leaves a cloud of dust so thick, I have to stop and wipe my eyes.

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"Wow! I'm really digging the template of this website It's simple, yet effective. A lot of times it's very hard to get that good balance between user friendliness and visual appeal. I must say you have done a fantastic job with this. In addition, the blog loads extremely quick for me on Opera. Excellent site!"

"a bit of color would have made it easier to discern, the pure white is just blinding."

"It IS art. Art is basically the using of any medium to convey a message."

"I'm not sure this is 'art', pre-fab, sci-fi craftsmanship, yes, crafted, but not art."

"I find it hard to look at this piece and find the artist's definition of truth and beauty out of chaos."

"At first glance, this sculpture elicits visions of Star Wars, but upon reading the artist's explanation of his work I begin to think of organized chaos. Maybe a way of interpreting the vast amounts of, well...everything that are thrust upon us as a society on a daily basis. It helps to try and make sense out of so much nonsense."

"what is it made of?"

"Gotta love the 'bot...great medium of choice...and he's so squeaky clean!"

"Absolutely amazing. Well done and I can't wait to see more!"

"This guy should be a writer."

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