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David O’Brien  Los Angeles, CA

'Small Start'
'So We're All Here, Now What?'

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About David

David O’Brien was born in Washington D.C. and now lives and works in Los Angeles, CA.

In his ongoing series Human Entropy O’Brien continues to build a collection of mass portraits using a series of hyper-collage diagrams that investigate personal relationships in a truly unique way. Much in the same way a painter (in the romantic sense of the word) may have many colors on their palette – O’Brien continues to photograph and amass an array of different people/poses as a personal visual vernacular for composing dynamic large-scale photographs.

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"They look so realistic"

"thats amazing"

"What would really be nifty would be actually capturing a thousand people simultaneously falling into a crevice or black hole. Now, THAT would be noteworthy."

"this is an amazing picture but why you gave this picture next time please post a celebrity picture pleaseeee!by the way this is an amazingggggg pic"


"I like it, to me it represents the hustle and bustle of humanity"

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