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Jason Kowalski  Maiden Rock, WI

'Ludlow Cafe'
Oil and mixed media
'Red Desert VW'
Oil on panel

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About Jason

Jason Kowalski, born in Southern Florida and raised in the Midwest, is now a resident of Laguna Beach, California. He is a graduate of Laguna College of Art and Design. Though proficient in many mediums Jason’s focus is on oil painting. His studies include figure painting and drawing, landscape, and printmaking.

Jason explains his work by saying, “New things that have fresh coats of paint and clean lines command our visual awareness. Things that have been used and worn out are often naively labeled unattractive. My work is both a statement of the effect of time on a location, as well as a vehicle to arouse attention to things that are often forgotten. Growing up in the Midwest I was constantly surrounded by things that deteriorated over the natural course of time. Human nature dictates that we ignore or look past such blemishes. Abandoned and left in a state of neglect places and things are consumed and discarded like pieces of trash. Using different types of paint and mixed media, I hope to bring awareness to the forgotten beauty of those locations by creating a body of work that stimulates memories one has about the places I paint. Ultimately, my goal is to create art that somehow brings this unique and quickly departing beauty back to social awareness.”

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"Are Kowalski prints available for sale?"

"I own two pieces of Jason's work. They are both stunning. Master of contrast and color. His ability to capture atmosphere through light sets him apart. Exquisite detail and simplicity at the same time. His works remind me of the beauty in graceful decay. Powerful messages in a world full of disposables and an insatiable appetite to move to the new shiny thing. Can't recommend him enough, photos don't do his works justice. One to watch!"

"nice art"

"a fixer upper!"

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