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Rebecca Peters  Berkeley, CA

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About Rebecca

Rebecca Peters makes artwork with a narrative quality that is inspired by children┬”¢s books. With her collages and mixed media works, she creates a person/creature and the world they live in. She has made a few books that she hopes to one day publish.

She has been making art for the last 15 years, and has worked in printmaking, drawing, painting, mixed media, photography, bookmaking, and most recently, collage. She has been making collages for the last five years. The collages are created with both torn and cut bits of paper to create an entirely new picture, almost completely removed in subject matter from the source material.

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"I always had like collages, and i also use it in my works,i real like Rebecca pieces, very well done, with a lot of creativety and emotion, but in my opinion the subject that she explore, at certain time becomes a little boring, i would like to see others works from her without the children images"

"Thanks for the great info. I hope you'll follow this with some more great content."

"Lovely work, the mixed medium, and layers of story within the piece are clear... Fantastastic"

"I liked these pix. They really show imagination and creativity. Rebecca really knows how to captivate art and leave us in wonder."

"I like how the pictures tease the eye, and you need to look at it for an amount of time to figure out the feeling and emotion of Rebecca's work. I love the different textures you Rebbeca used, this gave it a fantastic eye catching uniqueness. One of the things I like about it most is the imperfection of the lines. In my opinion it gives flare to the art. :)"

"I like the textures and lines of this work. The colors are great and each unique piece stirs emotion and is thought provoking. The nature of the medium creates stark lines and Rebecca's use of it is striking, skillful, eye catching and is abstract enough for my taste without being naive. Check out the website there is some great work with acrylics!"

"The terrains have a wonderful "color busy" appeal; freezing the foreground. The artwork teases the imagination to the point I need to know or make up the story behind the pictures."

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