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Allen Leper Hampton  St. Petersburg, FL

'I Used To Be In Love, But Now I Do Puzzles Vol. 2'
Enamel on Puzzle
'No means yes'
Enamel on Puzzle

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About Allen Leper

Allen Hampton was born in Birmingham, Alabama. He attained a Master’s degree in Fine Arts from the University of South Florida in the summer of 2008. Allen has exhibited in much of the United States, as well as overseas.

Allen describes his work by saying, “I constantly fight with myself, struggling for progression through confusion and misunderstanding. Pig blood, animals and their leftover limbs, and many other mediums that I utilize are important in that they were at one time imperative to the sustaining of life in a living being, but are now devoid of all use. They occupy a space in limbo, somewhere between functionality and futility, mirroring my own views of myself and my place in society. The eclectic nature of the physical presentation of these pieces speaks to a lack of overall dissatisfaction and a constant need for change in hopes of personal contentment. By using these simultaneous dichotomies as surrogates for myself, I hope to look objectively at my conscious actions as well as my subconscious mind.”.

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"Love yer work!"

"What part of N-O do you not understand? How can you think even in the most remote way that No means Yes? And Bambi??...Really???Sorry dude...but your work (what I've seen of it) makes me angry! If you were looking for an emotional got it!"

"Yeah... I don't get it."

"don't hate!!"


"bambi is a reference to fake innocence. and to the vapid nature of the naive."

"soooooo cool"

"I love this art!"

"why bambi"

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