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Brin Levinson  Portland, OR

'Empire Builder'
Oil on canvas
'Street of Three Beasts'
Oil on canvas

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About Brin

Brin Levinson studied animation at the California Institute of the Arts.

He describes his work by saying, “My current works are acrylic and oil paintings on canvas. What I love about painting is the ability to build a visual image completely from scratch. I combine fragments of realism and imagination in my images to create a world balanced on the edge of familiar and foreign. I attempt to create a dreamlike scene of one suspended moment and leave an open-endedness to the story. I’m largely inspired by industrial areas and old architecture. Cities are fascinating because they’re a completely constructed environment like a constantly evolving sculpture. We live on top of each other like in a giant hive and we operate with swarm intelligence. Graffiti crawls over the surfaces of the urban landscape the way liken and ivy grow and take over the forest landscape. In my paintings the natural world often encroaches on the urban landscape. I find the juxtaposition of urban landscapes and nature much more fascinating than either one element on it’s own. It’s an interesting vision that street art may color outside the lines of the brick wall and mix with the natural world in simultaneous reclamation. In the world of my paintings a roaming buffalo may gather the ornaments of the city like a swimming whale collects barnacles. There is a luring mystery about what’s happening here like a dream or deja vu.”

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awsome contemporary

I have to like this one - not only because it's offbeat and has a great mood, but also because I have a big fat water tower next to my house. :-)

- Jen

hope for a post apocaliptic world

kinda wierding me out

This is absolutely gorgeous and first rate work! Kudos!!

Not a very happy day!!



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