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Matthew Cook  Toledo, OH

'Self Portrait (Rinse)'
Oil on canvas
Oil on canvas

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About Matthew

Matthew Cook is a Toledo born painter whose work focuses on portraits covered in face paint that are in the process of being washed off. A 2012 graduate of Bowling Green State University, Cook majored in 2D Art Education.

Cook’s large paintings draw parallels between the metaphorical masks people wear on a daily basis and societies need for redemption. Fascinated by the imperfections of the figure Cook’s photorealist style puts great emphasis in the rendering of surface textures of the skin and hair, face paint, and the slick sheen of water.

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1 comment from the artist

"Thank you all for taking a look at my work, and for the comments. Art is an amazing thing that allows for many different opinions and I really appreciate the feedback (both positive and negative). To answer a few of your questions, the color of the face paint is more of a compositional/aesthetic choice. The main point to the paintings is the rendering of the texture of the face paint and it's underlying symbolism. The color is chosen based on the subjects eye color and skin tone and what will be more aesthetically pleasing [to my eyes]. Thanks so much."

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"Seems like Mr. Cook has gone under the radar since the links do not work anymore. I love his work and wish to see more."

"Well done, but not for me."

"Very interesting work. These two examples draw the viewers closer, don't push them away. I'm betting the works are even more impressive in person."

"Such beautiful work! And you attention to detail is truly inspiring! Thanks for sharing your art with us!! :D"

"refreshing the mind"

"I read a lot of comments on this site where paintings are referred to as "photos". Many times the artist statement will clearly identify the artist as a painter or in discussing technique, will make clear that the pieces are paintings. I suppose it bothers me that people don't take long enough to look at the images or read the artist statement before commenting. There is a lot of beautiful art featured on this site. I visit daily and am thankful for this site as a means of being exposed to so much great work. Thank you artistaday!"

"Must be a Dodger fan."

"very creative"

"i love your art"

"i love everything about this."

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