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Matthew Metzger  Cincinnati, OH

'Cloud; Atmosphere; Time'
Oil on cavas
'Movement without Forces III'
Oil on cavas

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About Matthew

Matthew Metzger is a painter, sculptor and furniture maker based on Cincinnati, OH.

Matthew explains his work by saying, “For me, the landscape and its sublimity is the ideal genre to capture human emotion at its most profound. It is here, amidst the overwhelming landscape, that in our smallness we are reduced to feeling most human. When we are most human our feelings are, paradoxically, often the most incomprehensible. I paint the landscape from memory and emotion and seek to invoke those incomprehensible qualities in my paintings. Always being unable to express what is incomprehensible, my art is left vulnerable to interpretation. Thus, not by design but by necessity, this vulnerability allows the viewer to take what he or she wants (and in some cases needs) to take from each painting. Through this process and interaction with the viewer I hope to create a meaningful dialogue.”

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