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Dan Hillier  London, UK


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About Dan

Dan Hillier is a professional artist based in Stoke Newington, England. He produces his own pictures as well as making commissioned artworks for various clients including Neil Gaiman. Most of his work is made from collaging found Victoriana with his own ink drawing, as well as producing original ink drawings using dip-nib pen and ink.

Dan is acclaimed for his black line engravings that embody the ‘Steampunk’ aesthetic, combining Victorian sensibilities with a fascination for animal attributes. His work is characterized by depictions of fantastical human/animal hybrids, spliced together from late-1800s imagery. These beautiful, classically rooted images find their power in their unsettling effect, as they seamlessly blur distinctions normally implied by reality.

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'Eye Contact'






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its cool

This drawing is like looking at the all seeing eye/god that is watching and seeing the two lives we seem to all have. Although both look Identical are they realy Identical difference may be what is inside good vs evil, what could have been vs how it realy came is?

This is amazing can not not stop looking for the hidden meaning





This is a nice looking piece of art.

Nice work for the season.

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