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Mark Powell  London, UK

Bic biro pen drawing on 1950s envelope
Bic Biro drawing on 1965 envelope

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About Mark

London-based artist Mark Powell reuses old envelopes as canvases to produce incredible life-like drawings. His sketches are made using only a Biro pen, and they often incorporate original stamps and postage marks. By recycling the envelopes, he is in some way preserving a bit of history and the tales behind the sender.

Mark explains his work by saying, “for me the individual is a fascinating thing. With my mobile phone camera I take photos of people walking the street, riding the tube or bus. I do this unnoticed at first, no egos or megalomania, no sense of self-importance or grandeur can be seen but simply a life being lived. Each person is as important or irrelevant as the next. A face that is devoid of a clear emotion gives an ambiguity that is simple and intriguing, it shows the signs in scars of travel and an uncontrolled gaze; a life lived. The canvas of vintage envelopes holds the same qualities, travel scarred and mysterious, common and used by everyone just like the biro pen that I use.”

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"What that art is made with (media).???"


"amazing art work"

"love it dad. reminds me of my own dad. he looked like that. now i am sad."


"love your work, especially the fact that you take envelopes and make them into pieces of art. your shading is amazing and your sketches are full of emotion."

"love it"

"Love your work. Where do I buy a piece of your art."

"I do portraits myself and I must say that I found these pieces to be absolutely phenomenal work! Also, what Mark mentioned in the article was very insightful."

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