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Peter Gronquist  Oakland, CA

'Forest White Tailed Deer'
Taxidermy Sculpture
'Thompson Impala'
Taxidermy Sculpture with Sterling Silver with Rose Gold Tint Coating

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About Peter

Born in 1979, Peter Gronquist is a visual artist living in Portland, Oregon. Gronquist attended the School of Visual Arts for two years, after which he completed his Bachelors of Art at the San Francisco Art Institute in 2001. Gronquist has exhibited in galleries across the West Coast and New York.

The evolution of desire through greed and consumerism is explored with a bit of irony and humor in the artist’s large-scale works, where taxidermied animals have their antlers sculpted into objects like replica weaponry or corporate logos, often before being gold-plated. The majestic beauty of the animals themselves sometimes stands at odds with the cold, sharp-edged beauty of glittering metal, but other works strike a softer chord.

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"Is the message the killing of innocent animals for sport or food is put on a pedestal along w/ gold plated rifles, machine guns......the animal has no chance over a man w/ his powerful machine........"

"I thought they were musical instruments. What a shock! Guns! I guess the golden guns don't shoot bulls So they can wear that as a crown since it is not a cause of their death, I think..."

"Guns and roses."

"Great social commentary even if that was not the intent."

"LOL, I feel like this sometimes!!!"

"I like this"

"Amazing piece of art"

"i love it"

"they must reilly like the song guns and rose."

"Form is fine, and craft is fine as far as I can tell, but the general consensus seems to be the right one; re-imagined antlers have been done."

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