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Marci Washington  Oakland, CA

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About Marci

If Wuthering Heights had included more decapitation, if Jane Eyre had met a cannibal, if The Turn of the Screw had cranked up the lust, if you smashed any epic and romantic social commentary novel into any haunting ghostly horror film, you are beginning to understand the territory that Marci treads.

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"what is it ... it looks cool and weird all at the same time...AWSOME!!!!!!!!!"

"Morbid......and dark. Both paintings appear to represent a lonely stillness in which a vulnerable woman is consumed by something bigger than herself. It sucks the life out of her while it magnetizes the viewer a draws then into her world. Creative yet I sense fixation."

"I love Marci's work."

"Wow! Nice... I love the morbid theme. Excellent work."

"I am very interested to see what others are going to say about these paintings. Simply put, in the portraits, I see the same face, drawn over and again, with the same expression, different hair and slightly distinguished touches that might hint at gender differentiation. The titles of the works seem to hint at some larger idea than I am able to see expressed in the picture itself. I really don't see any Romanticism, except maybe at the decadent extreme (obsession with death) parsed down to lines, without the narrative element that is supposed to be central to the meaning (?) of the work. Perhaps the similarity of each face could be said to represent the stereotypes found in Victorian or Romantic novels? I see more Gothic than anything, if she is aiming at a fictional genre for her "narrative"."

"The above was written by the lovely Shea Finch from Tiny Showcase:"

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