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Rob and Christian Clayton  Los Angeles, CA

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About Rob

Both Rob and Christian Clayton hold BFA degrees from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California (1989 and 1991 respectively).

Their work has been exhibited widely throughout America and Europe, and has been featured in several important shows including The Armory Show in New York, and USA Today at The Royal Academy in London. In 2004, Rob and Christian Clayton were invited to participate with a solo exhibition in the Art Statements section of Art Basel Miami. They are represented by Bellwether Gallery in New York City.

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Joshua Liner

Owner, Joshua Liner Gallery

"Rob and Christian Clayton are huge influences on many artists working today, especially those coming out of Southern California. That two people can work on the same painting, without planning, or even discussing it, and have them be so successful, is nothing short of magic. The colors they use, the stories they tell, the work is truly unique and all their own. There is no mistaking a painting by the Clayton Brothers for anyone else's work, that's for sure."

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"i believe the skill and the persistence it took too do this is impeccable but I'm finding it difficult to fully understand the message there trying to convey other then its crazy someone tell me!"

"Just looking at these makes me feel excited. I love these."

"The Clayton Brothers take creativity to another solar system-- truly original-- I love these guys..."

"An elementary school kid could in no way produce this kind of art."

"I am truly shocked by the "my kid could do that" comment. I think that has been said about Warhol, Picasso, Rauchenberg and even Manet, the father of modernism. Although some people may have forgotten their work the day after they saw it, the history books have certainly been kind. I have been a huge fan of the Clayton Brothers for years and I still am, I was surprised to even see them here."

"This reminds me of the cover of a Frank Zappa album, Overnight Sensation! Very trippy."

"Cool Colors and a great imagination!"

"i know that you don't have to like or even understand art for it to be art. the problem i have with this is that my elementary school kids produce stuff like this every day. art to me is something that stands the test of time; I honestly doubt that this stuff will stand the test of time. This is like the graffiti on the bathroom wall, you??ll get a kick out of it now but you won??t remember it tomorrow."

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