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Amir Fallah  Los Angeles, CA

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About Amir

In the sleepy suburbs of Fairfax, Virginia, Amir Fallah founded Beautiful/Decay as a black and white, hand-photocopied “zine” while still in high school. Along with business partners Fubz and Ben Osher, Fallah has transformed B/D into an internationally distributed publication with a circulation of over 40,000 readers in less than ten years.

As the Creative Director of B/D, Amir has molded the magazine into one of today’s most well-respected and reputable independent publications. His working aesthetic, knowledge, and creative intuition is internationally recognized and his CV includes illustration for numerous publications, event orchestration, revitalization of brand identities, and speaking on panels at colleges and universities, including Columbia College, USC, UCLA, and Maryland Institute College of Art.

Amir received his B.F.A. from The Maryland Institute College of Art and his M.F.A from UCLA in 2005. His past exhibits include shows at 4-F, M.Y. Art Prospects, Laband Gallery, Cherry And Martin, Overtones, and Scope Miami.

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"It looks like an awesome TV with cacti in it. Interesting work, very... true to abstract and traditional photography, but with a modern touch."

""Also the cacti symbolize the complex exchange of affection in the family."Where did that come from? It is interesting - I'd like to know more."

"great work!! a very good representation of contemporary art..."

"Kind of interesting. I'm guessing the idea is that people will look at anything that looks like a television..."

"I like this mall, contained world. It's like a spot in the mind for sequestered memories. Slightly cartoonish, surreal, shapes are skewed, great use of colour and light...yes, I do really like it."

""sleepy suburbs in Fairfax"???? What an imagination or should I say a great sense of sarcasm!!! ... Maybe that's a code word for banal.Ain't no Norman Rockwell images there... nope, not a one.Nice art 'tho."

"Amir builds childhood forts or terrariums. In the terrarium which we see here, he has filled it with plants native to his childhood home in Iran. Also the cacti symbolize the complex exchange of affection in the family.Be sure to see the video of Amir building one of his forts in Qatar."

"Kudos to Amir! We love his work."

"I'm always pleased when I see electricity used in artwork. Its a bias of mine. It epitomizes contemporary art for me. I don't say modern. Modernism ran from 1885 to 1980's. Contemporary simply means the art that is being made today by living people."

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