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Vincent Giarrano  Washington, CT

'City Girl'
Oil on panel
'Shop Girl'

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About Vincent

Vincent started drawing at an early age, teaching himself by studying other artists. Following his degree in Fine Art from State University, New York, 1982 and his Masters in Fine Art from Syracuse University, 1985, he chose to pursue a career in illustration working, amongst others, for the large publishers DC Comics and Marvel Comics.

About ten years ago, Vincent transitioned back to fine art and found that this was what he really wanted to do. He loves painting subjects that relate to real life experiences, wanting his paintings to reflect true moments of life. Capturing the quality of light in a scene is also an important element for him, especially the way in which it can enhance the mood he is portraying in the painting. He tends to work in series, choosing a subject that interests him and exploring it thoroughly to develop its full potential, something that his collectors react to very favorably.

Vincent has several prestigious awards to his credit, he has had many solo and group shows in the USA and has attracted many serious collectors.

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"I had to pick an artist from a list of 150 contemporary Artist in my Art Appreciation class. Honestly, I wasn't prepared and arbitrarily I chose Vincent Giarrano, I AM SO THRILLED with what I found. Now I can't decide which piece I will present in class, it's hard to settle just for one. "City girl" is my #1candidate the texture of the bed, the girl, the shapes and the use of colors there are so many levels that create optical illusion and emotions"

"São pinturas perfeitas, faltam palavras para descreve-las."

"I found the City Girl to be such a stunningly relatable piece that as I was glancing through all of the gorgeous works of art it stopped me cold. If I were to write an autobiography while lying alone in my very own bed this would be it. From the blonde hair, tattoo, and bedposts, I too can't find or maybe no longer care which way is north. A beautiful piece with such meaning and so many interpretations the title itself adds another mystery. You are an exceptional artist. Best of luck to you"

"awesome o.o its really good"

"so lifelike"

"Cool. Who's that?"


"Transitioned back to fine art? So now you paint girls with tattoos? People, places, things? Thrilling art."

"looks like p!nk"


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