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Kristi Ropeleski  Montreal, QC, Canada

Oil on canvas
Oil on canvas

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About Kristi

Kristi Ropeleski is a painter based in Montreal. She has exhibited nationally and internationally for many years, at such venues as the Museum of Canadian Contemporary Art and The Philoctetes Centre for the Study of the Imagination. Her work has been featured in The Montreal Mirror, TimeOut New York, The Ottawa Citizen and The Santa Barbara News Press. She was recently included in a survey of Canadian contemporary painters entitled Carte Blanche Vol.2: Painting. Ropeleski has received awards for research and creation from The Quebec Council of Arts and Letters, The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada and The Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation. Ropeleski has a DEC from Dawson College, a BFA from Concordia University and an MFA from York University. She teaches at Dawson College and The Visual Arts Centre in Montréal.

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It's the documentation and scale of the images, the woman does not look bruised in reality. I like the pieta comment:)

I find the woman's face beautiful, her body is beautiful, she looks like she is floating. I don't see anything grotesque about it. If she is a battered woman she is still a beautiful woman.
Did I see comments about her being fat?
I think she is perfect.

Maybe this painting disgusts/disturbs some people because she a realistic looking woman with her'imperpect' figure, wearing old undies and her dirty feet. Who is she? She could be someone we know. She could be yourself, caught unawares and when you least expected it. She is the stuff of our nightmares, she is us. What happened to her? We can take a guess. We can imagine. Or can we? No we can't, because we don't want to. Violence/violent imagery is a huge commercial commodity in video games, sport, films, porn, books etc. It's cool, it's fantasy, it's pretend, it sells, it's everywhere. I can't beleive one painting (technically correct or not) which depicts the reality of an (unknown) violent act can cause so much offence. I love it because it made me stop, it made me look, it made me think and it challenged me. I keep looking back at her for clues. Who is she? What happened to her? Do I know her? Yes I do, she's me and she's you...

awsome creativity

The first thing I thought was a dead woman with bruises. I dislike this painting because it looks so poorly painted coming from an artist with such credentials. I feel the mix of oils did not work well for this painting that the hue is off and that is why the figure looks bruised. Although it could be a bad photo copy not showing clearly the correct tones, but I do feel this figure looks dead either way because there is not live to the painting.

This is excellent it caught my eye instantly!


Yes, This is interesting, as an earlier comment began. i find it so deeply disturbing i'm sorry i saw it. i hardly know what to say, but i am reminded of a gallery in cambria, california called "this iz art", whose byline was (loosely quoted) 'art doesn't match your sofa'...i must commend the artist, her vision and her courage, and while the topic of abuse on every level must be exposed, recognized and educated and stopped if that is ever possible...i'm just not sure where this painting/point is going. call me plebeian, call me pedestrian, call me oatmeal, but visually it first strikes me as raw meat -- sausages freshly stuffed in links...i guess that's the point, in part...but, um...
Thank you for this venue, and the forum it offers. Again, i pretty much second the observations that earlier writer offered.

awful looks beat up or dead

cool that is amazing how did u do that

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