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Dominique Fortin  Montreal, QC, Canada

'Unfurl the sails'
Mixed media on wood
'Fell from high in your arms'
Mixed media on wood

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About Dominique

Since taking on painting full time in 2003, Dominique Fortin has found her niche in a dream-like representation of the human character. Trained at the Saint-Laurent Cegep as well as at the Sud-Ouest School of Crafts with a focus on jewellery, it is easy to see how the creative nature of her thought process is translated onto her canvases.

Fortin has concentrated her efforts in trying to find a way to represent human nature so that it resonates with the inner conscience of her audience. Her paintings, though sometimes referred to as naïve, are a “sort of study of the human soul in a contemporary style, while at the same time full of raw emotion and romanticism”. Fortin suggests that her works, at one point, were a representation of reality, but as her artistic style has progressed, she finds herself captured within a dream-like world where the characters are not actors on a stage but rather the catalysts of unsolicited emotion, available only to the human conscience within the safeguard of individual minds.

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'Eye Contact'





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"Trés belle Dominique Fortin."

"Wow! I remember seeing her works at Galerie Saint-Dizier in Montréal!! What a great artist, full of imagination in her fantastical scenes that I want to live in :) takes me away to another place.."

"this is a really good painting"

"It looks so realistic"

"thats totally, ME !!"


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