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Robin Williams  New York, NY

'The Gardeners'
Oil on canvas
Oil on canvas

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About Robin

Robin was born in Columbus, Ohio, and began making oil paintings before she had learned to sign her name. Soon after abandoning her aspirations of becoming a mermaid, she decided instead to become an artist when she grew up. Since then, she’s spent most of her time painting pictures, playing softball, and cooking. She’s a recent graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design and now resides in Brooklyn, New York.

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"It's true that there's no right answer because everyone has different looks at art otherwise we wouldn't have many subcategories like contemporary, realism, portrait, photography, collage, photorealism and etc.... I don't really agree with you that people should take art classes to know art because everyone is an artist. They either make arts for others or decorating the room all by themselves. If you have art classes didn't your teacher or professor tell you that each artist has his/her own techniques? Do you even know that there are so many self-taught artist including me who never took art classes before. Art classes only help to expand your interest and teach you various techniques that, of course, invented by various artists. So never said such thing again please."

"I think that Robin's paintings can certainly be interpreted in many ways, including being disturbing and depressing. And I think it is fine to make comments such as those. Even without taking an art class, an average person who has not been very exposed to art, can easily sense what is going on in these paintings. Robin illustrates a narrative that is in some way accessible to everyone. It is okay to comment. There is ultimately no right answer, even (and surprisingly) for the artist."

"I agree with Jessica, take an art class or something before commenting. Art isn't just about pretty landscapes and beautifully arranged still life's. I like this artist she has a great use of color and the narrative of both are interesting."

"Wow, some of these people are pretty shallow and petty commenting. Take an art class!But I love everything about these. The colors, the subjects. Very nice work."

"Robin's art is disturbing. The children's faces are not happy. There is something eerie, hollow and empty about the faces in all her paintings."

"Robin is my new favorite artist. Her stuff is amazing and a bit disturbing. I can't be sure what is going on in her art but it makes me feel (react emotionally) I love it. I think I found her website on google using "ROBIN WILLIAMS ARTIST" keep looking, you'll find it."

"I love these! You've captured the way little boys are so well. And the quirkiness is such fun!"

"The title of the painting is "The Sky is Falling". I think the the painting is conveying a feeling of anxiousness. That would explain the green colors and the boy peeing in the background."

"Hmmm... I wish I understood what it all meant...maybe then I could appreciate it. Good artist, questionable content."

"beautiful color! love there faces just like little boys. I like your work."

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