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Lia Niobe  Neufelden, Austria

'Winter is coming'
'The lantern'

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About Lia

Lia’s real name is Michaela Haider, but it’s rather hard to pronounce in English, so she chose a different name as an artist. She was born in Austria in 1996 and lives there still. Lia started photography as a hobby in 2011. Before that, she used a camera, but only for school projects. She started off with snapping pictures of various things–mostly nature. After about a year, Lia began doing photoshoots with friends, leaving the images unedited. As her knowledge of Photoshop grew, her images got surreal. She now shows different scenes, in different worlds, with their own rules. Lia’s pictures are always a narrative in nature and inspired by hidden places in a forest or a creek next to a road.

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"It's a white raven from "A Song of Ice and Fire". Got that from her flickr. Love her work!"

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