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Judith Braun  New York, NY

'Diamond dust'
Drawn with fingers dipped in charcoal, on wall.
'Fingerings 5'
Drawn with fingers dipped in charcoal, on wall.

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About Judith

Judith Braun began her formal art training in 1965 at the Fashion Institute of Technology where she studied illustration. She has a total of four art degrees and since 2005 has shown at multiple art fairs, including Frieze, ARCO, PULSE, NADA and Art Brussels.

It may be hard to believe but artist Judith Braun creates these breathtaking works of art using just her fingers dipped in charcoal. Since 2004, Braun has been working on “Fingerings”, an ongoing project in which she uses walls as canvases to explore liberating, improvised strokes with her hands. Braun freely expresses herself with gestures and movements recorded in carbon – without creating waste and excess. Braun often uses her body to center herself within a piece and give the work a symmetrical quality. And with her in the middle it appears as though elegant charcoal wings are spreading out behind her. Some of her most extraordinary pieces are her detailed landscapes which twist and turn into the distance using layers of charcoal drawn imagery.

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i love this



idk if youve ever read the potter series, but this kind of reminds me of the family tree in sirius's house and i love it!!

i love it

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