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Mark Allen Miller  Los Angeles, CA

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About Mark Allen

Bold colors and common objects are the specialty of Mark Allen Miller. His work has been published in publications such as The New York Times, Men’s Health and Business Week. His work has also been shown in galleries across the US including the Thinkspace Gallery in Santa Monica, CA and the Fifty50 Gallery in Chicago, IL.

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"I love the colors... and the black and red ... really cool!"

"The first one seems heavily influenced by Rene Magritte, the second one makes good use of color and composition. I like them both!"

"Great pictures, love first one best, the different colors and the two gentelmen, I always wonder what the artist was thinking at the time"

"I think these illustrations are fantastic. I couldn't put my finger on it, but someone before me identified it as "old-fashioned." I agree...the use of colors definitely has a vintage feel which is, perhaps, why I enjoy them so much."

"Interesting, but not very original at all. Escher and Magritte did this a lot better. Sorry"

"Congratulations, Mark, on what you have achieved and what you will in the future. Not just Mark, but I am sensing a mid-sixties nostalgia in contempo art.Going to Mark's website, I followed his evolution of eliminating clutter from his work. It become more solid and intertwined. And iconic, like the sixties nostalgia for 1890's clip art I am seeing it again. Men in bowler hat's and long coats, all that. Mark can certainly weave an open plaid. I liked "how to tie a tie" for Men's Health. That was funny."

"Clean, beautiful and bold-- Mark has his own style..."

"the pic with the girl staring looks likeshe heard something!"

"The patterning is wonderful. I am inspired."

"I love this work!"

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